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How to Participate

Did your family arrive in the early 1970s as part of the Canadian Tibetan Refugee Resettlement Program?

If your family was resettled in Canada in the early 1970s through the Canadian federal program, we invite you to participate in this project and submit a story, documents and/or photographs about your family’s experience. As this project is volunteer-based, each family will be responsible for submitting its material to the Chyssem Project and the Canadian Museum of Immigration Pier 21. 


If you require assistance with your submission to the Museum, you may contact the Chyssem Project at


Since the Museum will select only some of the materials submitted for the Tibetan story, the Chyssem Project will create an e-book including key documents families wish to share to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Tibetan immigration to Canada. Selection of documents for the e-book will be based on available space based on the following themes: 

  1. Life in Tibet

  2. Life as a refugee in India

  3. Canadian immigration experience.

Project Timeline

Families wishing to participate in The Chyssem Project e-book are requested to follow the steps outlined below with their respective deadlines: 


  1. E-mail Chyssem Project to confirm your participation.

  2. Complete the Profile Survey for members of your family who arrived in the early 1970s. Please do so before August 31st, 2021.

  3. Email us at your family's story & pictures (check out the story collector document to help you write your family's story and the examples of stories on our website). The story collector document will have more guiding instructions on how to write your story. Please send us your story and pictures before August 31st, 2021.


For any questions or comments, please contact The Chyssem Project at

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