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The First Tibetan-Canadians

Have we forgotten someone? 

Click on one of the provinces listed below for the name list of Tibetans who arrived in the early 1970s according to our records. Missing information is highlighted in green. This list will be revised as necessary based on additional information. The final version shall be included in the e-book. Please contact the Chyssem Project at for any omission(s) or correction(s).


Initial settlement location:


Dejikhangsar, Mingyur

Dekikhangsar, Tsering D.

Dejikhangsar, Tsering K.

Dejikhangsar, Tsering P.

Dejikhangsar, Tsering Tsomo

Dejikhangsar, Dolma Y.

Dejikhangsar, Sonam Y.

Dorjee, Gedun

Dorje, Kesang Dolma

Dratsangshema, Lobsang Rinchen

Garie, Tashi Wangmo 
Garie, Jamyang C. 
Garie, Sonam D. 

Garie, Dolma 

Garie, Ngawang T.

Garie, Chime W. 

Garie, Pemba T.

Garie, Tenzin J. 

Garie, Samson G.

Gompo, Lhargyal

Gompo, Kasang C.

Gompo, Karma

Gompo, Nyima L.

Gompo, Phuntsok

Gompo, Tashi

Kakho, Phuntsok

Kakho, Pasang

Khangsar, Kesang

Khangsar, Migmar Tsamchoe

Khangsar, Paljor

Khangsar, Phuntsok

Khangsar, Tsering Dolma 

Khangsar, Thundup

Khangsar, Yanki

Parchang, Kesang

Parchang, Pema Dolkar

Parchang, Kesang

Parchang, Pema Dolkar

Parchang, Tinley

Parchang, Tsamchod

Parchang, Tsering

Parchang, Yangden

Parsur, Lhamo Dolker 

Parsur, Pasang Kyipa

Parsur, Pema Sangmo

Parsur, Tenzin Tashi 

Parsur, Tsering Wangmo

Sergong, Sonam

Sergong, Tsering

Sheka, Kunsang Choenzom 

Sheka, Pasang Dhundup

Sheka, Tashi Lhundup 

Sheka, Tenzin Norbu 

Sheka, Tsering Dorjee 

Sheka, Tsering Pemba

Tsering, Dolma T.

Tsering, Kalsang

Tsering, Lobsang Tenzin

Tsering, Tenzin Tsering

Tsering, Tenzin Wangmo

Tseshi, Nawang Dorje

Wangkhang, Yeshi Khedup 

Wangkhang, Yeshi Wangmo 


Initial settlement location: 


Horche, Dawa

Horche, Dhadon

Horche, Don

Horche, Sonam

Horche, Tenzin

Leba, Jampa

Leba, Lektsang

Leba, Pasang

Leba, Pema

Leba, Pemap

Leba, Thupten

Leba, Tsering

Leba, Tsering

Mentuh, Dorjee

Namgyal, Chomphel

Namgyal, Dawa

Namgyal, Gelek

Rongae, Noedup

Rongae, Zamyang Dolma

Samkhar, Dhondup

Samkhar, Kunzang

Samkhar, Peki

Samkhar, Tenzin

Samkhar, [First name]


Initial settlement locations:

Belleville, Cobourg, Lindsay and Peterborough 


Drongotsang, Jampa Dorjee

Wangkhang, Tsering Dorjee


Goff, Kalsang

Goff, Lhakpa Dolma

Lakha, Dolma C.

Lakha, Karma

Lakha, Thondup

Matho, Dhondup Wangyal

Matho, Pema Lhumtso

Matho, Karma

Matho, Sonam

Rhago, Tenzin P.

Rhago, Tenzin Dolma


Chukdong, Nyima

Goff, Rizin 

Goff, Dawa Chodon

Nanglu, Wasey

Nanglu, Lhadru

Nanglu, Galzen

Nanglu, Tsering

Samchok, Lungtok

Samchok, Yangdulha

Samchok, Sonam

Samchok, Noori

Samchok, Tsultrim

Samchok, Deki

Samchok, Lobsang


Thinley, Karma (Lama) 

Jamyangling, Kunchok

Jamyangling, Yeshi 

Jamyangling, Jigmi 

Jamyangling, Tsering

Jamyangling, Deki

Lektsog, Tenpa

Lektsog, Tsetan Lhamo 

Lektsog, Tenzin Wangchuk 

Lektsog, Tsering Chodon

Lektsog, Lhakpa Dhondup

Lektsog, Pema

Mentuh, Lobsang

Mentuh, Chimi

Mentuh, Oujen

Thargey, Tenpa

Thargey, Tsering Choeden

Thargey, Lodro

Thargey, Dhondup

Thargey, Chemi

Zongdho, Tashi Gyalpo

Zongdho, Tsering Dolma

Zongdho, Tenzin

Zongdho, Tsering Dolkar


Initial settlement locations: 

La Prairie, Drummondville, Farnham, Granby, Longueuil and Ste-Hyacinthe


Chhoyang, Phakpa

Chhoyang, Namchho

Chhoyang, Lhamo Tsering

Chhoyang, Rapten

Chhoyang, Dicki

Chhoyang, Lobsang

Kashi, Kailnor

Kashi, Dolma Wangchuk

Kashi, Norzin

Kashi, Lhamo

Kashi, Kesang Dicki


Achod, Losang

Achod, Tsering Tsomo

Galing, Ngawang

Nanglo, Tsewang

Nangtsetang, Rigzin

Nangtsetang, Pema Yangchen

Nangtsetang, Tashi

Nangtsetang, Namgyal

Narongsha, Jampa Senge

Narongsha, Kalsang

Narongsha, Namgyal

Narongsha, Chimi

Narongsha, Dawa


Rabgey, Pencho

Rabgey, Tsering Dolkar

Rabgey, Losang

Rabgey, Tashi

Shomar, Kelsang

Shomar, Lhakpa

Tenpa, Tsultim

Topgyal, Tenzin Nima

Tsering, Nyima

Tsering, Migmar

Tsering, Nyingkho


Barshee, Ngawang Tankyong

Barshee, Phuntsok Lhamo

Barshee, Jampa

Barshee, Tenzin

Barshee, Tsatora



Chokyi, Kelsang

Gatong, Jampel

Gatong, Kunchok

Gatong Tenzin

Jimpa, Lhamo

Jimpa, Yeshi

Lingto, Lektsog

Musu, Jampa

Musu, Lhamo

Sharwa, Sherap

Yuthok, Lin


Khenrab, Gajam (Geshe)

Khangsar, Sherap

Khangsar, Tsamla

Khangsar, Pema

Tsultrim, Ngawang

Tsultrim, Tsering Sangmo


Initial settlement location:


Khangsar, Norbu

Gyaltong, Tsering

Gyaltong, Tsering Dolma 

Gyaltong, Gelek

Gyaltong, Chimi Namgyal

Gyaltong, Yanchen Lhamo

Loga, Lobsang

Loga, Diki

Loga, Tashi

Loga, Dhondup

Nylosang, Lobsang N.

Nylosang, Tsamcho D.

Nylosang, Tsering L.

Tulotsang, Lobsang

Tulotsang, Tsamcho

Tulotsang, Dolma 

Tulotsang, Dolker 

Tulotsang, Wangyal

Tulotsang, Dorge

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