Initial settlement locations:

Belleville, Cobourg, Lindsay and Peterborough 


Wangkhang, Tsering Dorjee


Goff, Kalsang

Goff, Lhakpa Dolma

Lakha, Dolma C.

Lakha, Karma

Lakha, Thondup

Matho, Dhondup Wangyal

Matho, Karma

Matho, Pema Lhumtso

Matho, Sonam

Rhago, Tenzin Dolma

Rhago, Tenzin P.


Chukdong, Nyima

Goff, Dawa Chodon

Goff, Rinzin

Nanglu, Galzen

Nanglu, Tsering

Nanglu, Wasey

Nanglu, [Mother's name]

Samchok, Deki

Samchok, Lobsang

Samchok, Lungtok

Samchok, Nuddy

Samchok, Sonam

Samchok, Tsultrim

Samchok, [Mother's name]


Dhargye, Tenpa

Jamyangling, Deki

Jamyangling, Jigmi

Jamyangling, Kunchok

Jamyangling, Tsering

Jamyangling, Yeshi

Lektsog, Lhakpa Dhondup

Lektsog, Pema

Lektsog, Tenpa

Lektsog, Tenzin Wangchuk

Lektsog, Tsering Chodon

Lektsog, Tsetan Lhamo

Mentuh, Chimi

Mentuh, Lobsang

Mentuh, Oujen

Thargey, Chemi

Thargey, Dhondup

Thargey, Lhodo

Thargey, Tenpa

Thargey, [Mother's name]

Trinley, Karma (Lama)

Zongdho, Tashi Gyalpo

Zongdho, Tenzin

Zongdho, Tsering Dolkar

Zongdho, Tsering Dolma

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"We hope that all the Tibetans who have come to Canada have received a warm welcome and that they will find our country a pleasant one in which to live, one which will fulfill their individual aspirations to the fullest extent possible." 


- Pierre Elliot Trudeau, August 27, 1971, in a letter addressed to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. 

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